Meet the Human Behind the Designs

I am a life-long lover and student of the arts. My time exploring the visual, musical and healing arts influences my work in design.   

My deepest desire is to live a life that contributes to enhancing the beauty of our planet. My work as a designer is one way I get to do this.

Yes, in the creation of the visual designs themselves, yet more importantly in the positive impact that is created from the brands I help build. 


Aroya Creative's mission is to help purpose led creatives take over the world!

The founder of the company took me under her wing and introduced me to the world of design and branding. I quickly fell in love with the art form and became obsessed with learning it, which has led me to creating my own design studio. 

Through the art of design and creative direction I help my clients elevate their business, amplify their message and increase their impact and I find this, oh so fulfilling...

Building influential brands that make a difference in the world is what lights me up about my work as a designer.

THE GOAL - Making the world a more beautiful place to exist within, one brand at a time.

My design journey began with me exploring a side hustle as a VA for a design agency. 


Hey There, 

the founder, designer and
art director of Aroya Creative.

With Love, GIGI

Designing on the land of the Nisenan people in Grass Valley, California.

Quick Facts

MY ASTROLOGY- Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Rising, & Cancer Moon  

MY HUMAN DESIGN - Projector 

Late 80's baby, but 90's Lady! 

Music is my favorite part of earth. 

R&B is my love language... 

I'm a proud dog mom.
My fur baby is my heart. 

One of my fav Books -
Existential Kink - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Existential Kink,

My Favorite Attributes in a human ~
Authenticity & Kindness.

Yoga & Meditation keep me sane.




I had no idea in what  I wanted when we began our work together in building my brand and website. Gigi, lovingly and fiercely stood by my side holding up a torch for my value and vision. The results have been magical and dope, in both a visual & practical sense, and now I finally have a tangible space for my business & offerings that I feel stoked about. 

If you're looking for a web designer with soul who specializes in capturing the essence of your feminine power through your online presence, AROYA CREATIVE is for you. Don't hesitate. Say YES! Then watch what you and Gigi create!


Gigi has been the secret sauce to elevating my brand in a variety of ways. She helped me refine my branding in a way that feels current and truly reflect who I am as an artist. She built me a website I LOVE!   I've also had her support as a creative director in many music videos,  and photo shoots.

Working with her has been a significant up-leveling from my usual DIY approach. I see Gigi as an artist first and a designer second. Her creativity, attention to detail, her innovative ideas, and her execution of the final product are always a home run. I trust her eye and approach fully. 

Claudia Vernon    NOBLE PETAL

I was all over the place, always changing my colors and fonts and look. I am over the moon now, it has elevated my vision and I am in love with my brand!


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